January 26, 2012

Sometimes you can stand still in a room and feel the energy surround you.  It strikes you immediately and can touch you in the most profound way. Nothing makes me stop in my tracks more than seeing and feeling how people are loved. You can look around the room and literally feel the impact they have on the people in the room.  It’s a feeling that just hangs in the air and on this September night, that feeling radiated onto the faces of everyone celebrating the marriage of Gemma and Scott.   And that kind of feeling can only mean one thing: the people who are there in love and support of this union couldn’t be filled with more delight and it makes for the happiest of celebrations.

Gemma and Scott tied the knot at the Gramercy Park Hotelwhich is one of my absolute favorite spots to photograph a wedding in New York City. It’s the perfect blend of modern, sophisticated, and timeless and I couldn’t love it more.

The native Englander and Australian pair had family and friends travel throughout the world to be there for them and I think that says so much. So many people don’t go out of their way for others and the extent to which people traveled to be here for them was truly reflective of what Gemma and Scott mean to them. And you can understand why. This pair is wonderfully sweet and joyful and they live their lives completely, so it’s only fitting that they’ve made such lasting impressions on their families, friends, and me.

Gemma and Scott, it truly was a gift to be a part of the magic on your day. Wishing you a lifetime of continued joy and laughter together.



  • Maggie, this is simply stunning! Bravo. Would love to second shoot or assist you on of these days. Please reach out if there is ever a need.

  • Dottie

    Oh my! What a fabulous blog about Gemma & Scott’s day. It was fun being such a part of it through you amazing photographic creativity. You combined the beauty of the venue, the city, the bride & groom, the family, the guests, the flowers, etc…
    Loved the black & whites, the expressions on Gemma & Scott’s faces when they saw each other for the first time on their day, and you caught Scott swinging Gemma in the air on the dance floor. It’s as though you were everywhere at once. Awesome photographer!! xoxox

  • maggie

    Thank you Ilene! That is so nice to hear! :)

  • Jessica

    This is so timeless and elegant! Absolutely beautiful, Maggie!