May 17, 2012

Gotta love a New York City hall winter wedding. And Kendra and Nick and their delightful families warmed up this Southern California girl’s heart through and through with their warmth, joy and light. Wishing you years of endless love and laughter.




  • Marianne

    Precious, sweet, warm, loving photos, Maggie. What a special, intimate wedding. Lovely.

  • Kendra

    I absolutely love reliving these memories, Maggie! Thank you for capturing our day so perfectly and so beautifully.

  • Maggie was magnificent. Not only was her artistic sense amazing in taking the photos, but she acted as an impromptu wedding adviser helping with a number of little details as she took photos. She gave us all perfect memories of a memorable day.

  • Debbie Ludwig

    Maggie, fit in like she was Kendra’s best friend. Warm, affirming and so helpful in all the little details one is bound to forget on such a busy day. And she was so calm. Never flustered or domineering, she was a pleasure to have around! She was gracious and engaging with everyone in the wedding party. I would recommend her without reservation. Plus, she caught us in the genuine moments of the day. For this I thank her very much.

  • Lisa Stowe

    These pictures are amazing! You captured Kendra and Nick so perfectly. Their happiness radiates from the photos.