August 20, 2010

It’s no secret that I’m in love with love.  And, there a certain people that love in a way that makes me stop in my tracks – it’s that kind of love that simply stands apart on its own and fills the heart of the observer with a fullness and joy that cannot be described.  Sora and Sean have such a love and I cannot express what a privilege and honor it has been to be able to witness and be around such a love of such extraordinary people for the past year.

Sora and Sean are two of the most special and most thoughtful people I’ve ever met.  Hands down. They are unbelievably genuine and pure and they embraced me and made me feel like a part of their family from the very first time I met them. There are certain people you meet that touch your life and make it better simply by being in it and Sora and Sean are those kind of people.  They are an absolute gift and I am so grateful to have had them come into my life as clients and friends.

The adorable duo tied the knot on a hot, but unbelievably beautiful day at the Mill in Spring Lake, New Jersey, and I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of and document this day for them.  Throughout the entire day, Sora and Sean beamed from ear to ear so much so that I’m pretty sure they  just have permagrins, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to smile so much. Everything was an absolute delight and I am so very happy for this perfect pair.  I know their lives together are going to be filled with unbelievable love and joy and I’m just delighted to have been a part of the start of it.

Congratulations Sora and Sean!  Wishing you a lifetime of all the love, joy, and laughter you’ve brought to my life and every life you touch!

With love + appreciation,

To see a SLIDESHOW of their New Jersey Wedding Photos, click HERE!

Thanks so much Jesse for all your help! You’re such a talent!

If you’d to see more of their New Jersey Shore Wedding photos, click HERE!

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  • Gorgeous couple, gorgeous dress, amazing expressions… beautiful!

  • Jenny

    What an amazing capture of the joy of this day! You are so very talented and have such a great eye! I am sharing your website with our extended family…a wedding will be coming up in about 2 yrs for my nephew!

  • sean + sora

    Maggieeeee!!! We are SO amazed by these photos and your talent!! Thank you so much for capturing our day — every emotion, every part, every guest (we had 280!), and every joy of the whole day. These photos are priceless and we will remember that day because of the work that you’ve done! We still can’t believe you took that many photos w/just 2 cameras. How?? You took just the right photos at the right time and place! You’re amazing!!

    Maggie, You are now a part of our extended family (especially now that you’ve met all of them! haha) And we’re so thankful to have met not just a photographer but an amazing person like you. Kam-sa-hab-ni-da! :)

  • Beth Alix

    Simply beautiful!

  • Your images are absolutely stunning!

  • Sora and Sean look so happy :)

  • Dottie

    At such a busy event how is it that you can be in just the right place at just the right time to see the most perfect moment for a picture. You must have eyes in the back of your head. Love the pictures of the kids too. You continue to amaze me with your talent!

  • Peter

    Just absolutely well done. They look like such a wonderful couple, beautiful together and family. Great Photos. Timeless.

    I want you for my future wedding!

    best, Peter