I’m going to warn you.  I’m a bit of a cheese ball.  OK, so my husband tells me all the time (with absolute sincerity) that I should write cards for Hallmark.  I always give him that look – you know, the one that says you really shouldn’t have said that, but, I have to admit, he’s kind of right.  (Shhh!)  I’m completely in love with love. I’m that person who cries during a sweet commercial…or Disney movies…or the cheesiest of chick flicks.  When I write birthday cards, my recipients think they’ve just received a new novel.  I can’t help it.  I love couples.  I love kids.  I love people.  I love laughter.  I love smiles.  I love tears.  I love the beauty in simplicity and the extraordinary of the every day.

Photography gives me the amazing opportunity to experience love everyday.  Through capturing people, time, emotions, and heart, I’ve experienced an indescribable joy – a joy that I hope enriches the lives of others the way they enriched mine.